Accepting Scarcity, A Bitcoin Meditation

“ignorance or delusion is one of the three causes of our suffering (the other two are attach­ment and aversion). So when we are deluded about reality, we perpet­uate suffering. When we are aware of reality as it is, we avoid suffering.” – Reed Wommack

We read a piece today from the Swan Bitcoin blog that explores the very conceptual limits of infinity and how scarcity is integral to the very concept of reality. What does this mean for our lives, for our happiness, and for the value we create? A Bitcoin Meditation.

Check out the original article and other great work and videos available at the Swan Signal blog:

For another trip down the concepts of scarcity and time, a fantastic read is Misir Mahmudov’s “This Book Will Save You Time” which you can find at the link below:

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