A Bitcoin Roadmap 2020 & Beyond

Closing out an extraordinary year in 2019 has us looking forward at 2020 & Beyond. What will we bring to Bitcoin, and what could Bitcoin bring to us? Today we read an amazing thread by John Newbery on the exceptional list of tools and technologies making their debut on the Bitcoin and Lightning protocol stack that will change everything about how we interact with and use this incredible technology. So much exciting stuff to go over, don’t miss “A Bitcoin Roadmap” twitter thread by John Newbery.

Link to John’s thread and thorough list of links included to explore the tons of improvements on the horizon, or already available to be built with. I highly encourage a dive down this rabbit hole!

• Jack Mallers & Announcing Olympus (fiat-to lightning in seconds)

• Schnorr & Privacy by Lucas Nuzzi

• Taproot is Coming by Aaron Van Wirdum

• Lightning & the “Noinput Class” by Aaron Van Wirdum

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