Category: Cypherpunks

Bit Gold

There were many precursors to the Bitcoin system, but IMO, none came as close to correctly defining the problem, and solving the key issues of trust as Nick Szabo’s Bit Gold concept. Reading another great piece made available by the Nakamoto Institute, we read and discuss the incredible prescience of Szabo through one of Bitcoin’s forefathers, Bit Gold.

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The Right to Read

Do we live in an age of liberty, where information is freely accessible, or an age of heavy-handed copyright restrictions where we are losing the ownership of the very devices we hold in our hands? If I had to judge, it’s probably a bit of both.

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Hal Finney, Bitcoin & Me

In one of his last posts on the BitcoinTalk forums, Hal Finney posted a short message about his past, finding Bitcoin, working with Satoshi, coming to terms with his disease, and the legacy he was leaving behind. On this day in 2014 we lost a true cypherpunk

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