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Simplifying Lightning, The “Noinput Class”

Today we take a dive into the future of Lightning and one of the amazing developments to make it simpler and more reliable, the new sighash flags referred to as the “Noinput Class.” Who better to take us through it than Aaron Van Wirdum & Bitcoin Magazine?

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Lightning Service Providers

With another great piece from the Breez-Tech CEO we read and explore the fascinating concept of the Lightning Service Providers. What is their role? How will the market develop? Doesn’t this mean Lightning is centralized? All this and so much more in a great piece from Roy Sheinfeld.

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Announcing Olympus! From Fiat to Lightning in Seconds

Every so often a major development comes along that combines the available tools and you suddenly see a sharp image of what the future could look like. With Olympus, a new service from Jack Mallers & fam, getting a lightning balance and immediately spending it is as simple as the swipe of your debit card. Lightning is striking, and big things are brewing on the horizon.

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Taproot is Coming

>One of the many amazing technologies coming to Bitcoin, Taproot is one of the most promising improvements to the privacy, efficiency, & capabilities of the Bitcoin system. Another excellent article breaking it all down by Aaron Van Wirdum. Published at, today we read & discuss:

“Taproot Is Coming: What It Is, and How It Will Benefit Bitcoin”

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Innovations in Bitcoin’s Technology Stack

For everyone that tells you Bitcoin is a stagnant technology going nowhere, this is the article to point them to. Another be returning author Lucas Nuzzi, we cover a piece that touches on the plethora of developments happening across all fronts in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Much like the development of the internet, Bitcoin has the benefit of building a modular protocol stack to solve a vast array of problems without compromising the underlying network.

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A Bitcoin Roadmap 2020 & Beyond

Closing out an extraordinary year in 2019 has us looking forward at 2020 & Beyond. What will we bring to Bitcoin, and what could Bitcoin bring to us? Today we read an amazing thread by John Newbery on the exceptional list of tools and technologies making their debut on the Bitcoin and Lightning protocol stack that will change everything about how we interact with and use this incredible technology.

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