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Unpacking Bitcoin’s Assurances

We make claims about Bitcoin’s assurances all the time.  It is censorship resistant, it’s open and permissionless, it’s counterfeit proof, etc.  But are these things entirely true? When someone wants to acquire, use, or validate Bitcoin, how well do the claims match reality?

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Bitcoin is Not Too Volatile

To think that a hard monetary asset, with a perfectly inelastic supply, could go from a $0 market with no infrastructure, liquidity, or demand, to a global monetary instrument with vast infrastructure, the highest market liquidity, demanded by billions, but that this could somehow occur *without* volatility in the price, is an absurd & deeply ignorant claim.

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Stop Calling Bitcoin Deflationary

Another great piece from returning author Conner Brown on the false narrative of Bitcoin’s “deflationary” problems. Not only does it not result in the many naive claims of the critics, its actually our best defense against those very concerns.

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The Triumvirate of Liquidity

Today, Nik Bhatia takes us through a compressed history of the Dollar, US Treasuries, and how we found ourselves in the current global financial mess. What are the safe-haven assets of the future, what will happen to the demand during these uncertain times, & what will be Bitcoin’s role?

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Reboot – The Three Economic Eras of Bitcoin

A most profound aspect of Bitcoin is that we know, with certainty, what the monetary policy will be no matter how far we look into the future. If we choose to secure sound money for the world, then we have to establish the important markets, build the tools and protocols, and most importantly make the tough decisions now, instead of kicking the can down the road.

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Bitcoin is Not Backed by Nothing

“To provide broader context, the Federal Reserve, the Bank of Japan and the European Central bank have collectively created $10 trillion dollars-worth of new money since the financial crisis, the equivalent of approximately $500,000 per bitcoin. Despite dollars, euro, yen and bitcoin all being digital, bitcoin is the only medium that is tangibly scarce and the only one with inherent monetary properties.”  – Parker Lewis

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