Category: Economics

Bitcoin is Not Too Volatile

To think that a hard monetary asset, with a perfectly inelastic supply, could go from a $0 market with no infrastructure, liquidity, or demand, to a global monetary instrument with vast infrastructure, the highest market liquidity, demanded by billions, but that this could somehow occur *without* volatility in the price, is an absurd & deeply ignorant claim.

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This is Not Capitalism

You are not going to want to miss this incredible piece on exactly how far we have strayed from anything resembling “capitalism,” or even the goal of accumulating and growing the capital that improves our lives.

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Choose Your Fiction

“All I know is the setup for bitcoin, the hardest form of digital money, could not be better. All manners of trust have evaporated. In order to solve for demand and supply destruction, governments will embark on the greatest fiscal stimulus binge the world has ever seen.”  – Arthur Hayes

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