100,000! Moving to Anchor & Mastering Bitcoin

We hit a major milestone in the show! Thank you to everyone who has stayed with us and contributed to the show! Today I’m covering the past & future of the show and new things coming to Cryptoconomy.Life! Feel free to send some satoshis or open a channel with the official Cryptoconomy.Life Lightning Node: 03609e92ab6dff378b6a7aca6f856bf5e9d56cadd622bd402a9b03d9a583c817b5@ Donate Bitcoin to help the show & provide Liquidity for my #Lightning Node: 31sBReBuAA9QznVRRrcsjdGp9oc4ajnS4t Support the Show:
Amazon Affiliate = https://www.amazon.com/?ref-refURL=http%3A%2F%2Fcryptoconomy.life%2F&slotNum=0&imprToken=VhrSTpOr6TI14NXKJA96Eg&tag=cryptoconomy-20&linkCode=w21
Trezor Affiliate = https://shop.trezor.io/?a=a3faa8ed30e1

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