Raleigh Meetup

22 Trillion with the Raleigh Bitcoiners

You’re in for a marathon of a meetup today! The Raleigh Bitcoin Crew goes down the rabbit hole with…

Infinite money printing
Who really runs things?
Inflation and the Fed’s Great Scam
How trustless money leads to greater trust
Price “gouging” or price “discovery”?
Monopolies & the Govt
Anti-trust laws and predatory pricing
The last halving & the Bitcoin price
Quantitative Hardening
& more!

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Is Bitcoin Ready for This?

With a special social distancing edition of the Raleigh Meetup Podcast, we get a big crew together talking all about the current state of the world, our own adjustments to this new reality, and if Bitcoin ready for this!

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Boomer Bucks & the Raleigh Meetup

Don’t be the oblivious boomer who lets their hard work get sucked away by that garbage Boomer Bucks currency. Be a part of the future, and Buy Bitcoin!
Another fun chat with the Raleigh Bitcoin Meetup!

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World War B

A chat with the Raleigh Meetup gang about the sorry state of US and global finances, the fall of the dollar empire, and what a world war in the era of Bitcoin might look like!

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Small State, Big Bitcoin with The Raleigh Meetup

An awesome discussion with the squad over at the Raleigh Bitcoin Podcast. Can anyone sensibly be both pro Bitcoin & pro big government? When, if ever, do we actually sell Bitcoin? And what’s the price as the stock-to-flow approaches infinity?

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Talking Privacy, Bitcoin & the New Economy with the Raleigh Bitcoin Meetup

At the recent Raleigh Bitcoin meetup we had an awesome discussion all about privacy and bitcoin, and the intertwined destinies of both. Hanging out with some drinks and talking all about Bitcoin, what could be better?  Thanks to all the crew who helped out and participated!

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