Mycelial Money

Bitcoin is a Catalyst for Human Evolution

“Mycelial networks act as a resource transport layer and communications network connecting organisms in the biosphere. This enables organisms to voluntarily trade resources and knowledge across species lines. Increasing trade leads to increased specialization (division of labor), further increasing biodiversity (wealth and resilience) in the ecosystem.”
Brandon Quittem

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Bitcoin is the Antivirus

Our monetary system has confiscated trillions in resources and value by corrupting the very incentives that keep our economy healthy and resilient… in that world, what role does Bitcoin play?

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Bitcoin is a Decentralized Organism – Part 1

“Bitcoin is a living system constantly changing based on environmental stimuli. True understanding is a moving target unlikely to ever be hit.
Attempting to answer the question “what is bitcoin,” I found exploring parallels to the natural world to be particularly illuminating.” – Brandon Quittem

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