Andy Edstrom

Winning Hearts & Minds for Bitcoin

“In a world in which governments and companies continually encroach on personal liberties via surveillance and outright control, Bitcoin shines like a beacon of freedom.” – Andy Edstrom & Peter McCormack

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Chat #55 – Knut Svanholm & Andy Edstrom on Writing, Feedback Loops, & Bitcoin Haters in 2021

An excellent chat today with 2 brilliant, bullish, & amazing writers in the Bitcoin space. Andy Edstrom, author of “Why Buy Bitcoin,” and Knut Svnaholm of “Sovereignty Through Mathematics” and “Independence Reimagined” join us today for a discussion on everything important with catching the new people coming to Bitcoin, the complications with solidifying ideas out and making them accessible, the feedback loops that will make Bitcoin a dominant macro-political force, & what we can expect from 2021. Dont miss Chat #55 with Knut & Andy.

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