Talking Privacy, Bitcoin & the New Economy with the Raleigh Bitcoin Meetup

At the recent Raleigh Bitcoin meetup we had an awesome discussion all about privacy and bitcoin, and the intertwined destinies of both. Hanging out with some drinks and talking all about Bitcoin, what could be better?  Thanks to all the crew who helped out and participated!

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The Case for Electronic Cash

The full audio version of “The Case for Electronic Cash” by Jerry Brito.


Cash is more than a method of payment. It is a fundamental tool for individual privacy and autonomy, and it is necessary for an open society. This paper shows that a cashless economy is a surveillance economy. It also argues that removing the option to freely transact without intermediation greatly limits our economic self-determination, placing our economic lives in the hands of financial institutions and governments. This paper presents several case studies demonstrating the dangers of a completely intermediated payments system and concludes that electronic cash is a tool that should not only be tolerated, but fostered and celebrated.

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The Case for Electronic Cash – Parts 1-3

Today we begin the long, and rewarding journey through Jerry Brito’s & Coin Center’s Report on “The Case for Electronic Cash.” This is an incredible work present several case studies to explore the trade offs of privacy and individual autonomy, the nature of an open society, the consequences of a fully intermediated society, and how cash plays a critical role in it all.

Continuing with Part 2 of “The Case for Electronic Cash” from Jerry Brito and The consequences of total dependence upon financial intermediaries and how it is already affecting people today.

The conclusion of The Case for Electronic Cash by Jerry Brito. Today we close out this amazing piece with the moral case for why we should not only refrain from demonizing and restricting digital cash, but we should foster and celebrate it!

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Bitcoin is a Hedge Against the Cashless Society

Another excellent piece from Su Zhu and Hasu at and a great introduction to the dynamics and risks at stake in the cashless society. Is the cashless society the frictionless future we want? Or is it frictionless mass surveillance and frictionless negative interest rates? Cash may serve a far more important role than merely a means of payment.

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Schnorr Signatures & The Inevitability of Privacy in Bitcoin

“The need for privacy and the long-term sustainability of Bitcoin without block rewards are perhaps two of the most most alarming issues surrounding Bitcoin today.” – Lucas Nuzzi

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Bitcoin’s Existential Crisis

“If you build a system meant by its very nature to dis-intermediate third parties and exist independent of governments and legal systems, you have an identity problem.” –Nic Carter

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Why Privacy Matters

Privacy isn’t just about being safe and keeping our data secure, its also a deeply fundamental aspect of being human. The unconscious pressures from being endlessly surveilled create a cage for our minds, killing creativity and expression in place of social conformity and obedience.

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A Cypherpunk’s Manifesto

“Privacy is not secrecy. A private matter is something one doesn’t want the whole world to know, but a secret matter is something one doesn’t want anybody to know. Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world.” – Eric Hughes

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Bitcoin as a PrivacyCoin

“Ever since its inception Bitcoin has never really been private…. Fortunately, spying on Bitcoin users is becoming increasingly difficult.” – Aaron Van Wirdum

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Traditional Bitcoin Mixers

“Thinking about it, isn’t it ironic that, over the past years I wrote about every Bitcoin privacy technique in existence, except the one that 99% of all users use?” @nopara73

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