Bitcoin’s Anarchy is a Feature, Not a Bug

Bitcoin’s governance model is often touted as a major reason it is likely to be replaced, due to its resistance to being altered. Is it really a bug, or is it a critical feature? Listen to Elaine Ou’s article to find out more!

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7 Misunderstandings of Bitcoin’s Scaling Problem

I did, for quite some time, fail to see the real scaling hurdle that faces Bitcoin. It was all about the blocksize and how many transactions we could get on-chain. Blocksize just jumps out at you, before anything else, as the obvious and most direct corollary to how much we can accomplish with the blockchain….

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Bitcoin is valued for Fast and Cheap Payments

This is an oft heard statement that while true, we must consider to what degree. I have shilled for Bitcoin to many people with the focus on cheap and nearly instant payments in the past. It is an excellent selling point for someone who is ignorant of the technological breakthrough and indifferent to the revolutionary political…

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