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Use of Knowledge in Society – Part 2

The brilliance of the price system is in coordinating the values, deeply limited knowledge and scarce resources precisely to their highest value need without having to understand or be aware of every single change in supply, alternatives, and uses of those resources among the economic participants.  It is specifically because we only receive the most important piece of information, its new value in relation to other things (the price), that we can so quickly align ourselves with the new state of the world.  Don’t miss the conclusion of Hayek‘s work, “The Use of Knowledge in Society.”

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Why the State Demands Control of Money

What if there was a clear and obvious reason that the state monopolizes the production of money, that after understanding, you simply cannot unsee?  What if the story we are all told of governments and central banks protecting the economy from crises, is actually the perfect opposite of what’s really happening?

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