Category: Liberty

The Information Theory of Money

“Prices are the coordinating force of a free market system. Each individual decision-maker can rely on the prices of goods and services to help with their decision making, as the prices themselves are a distillation of all known market information into a single metric.” – Dan Held

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The Cat is Out of the Bag

“Unlike Paypal, Venmo, or traditional payment processors, it cannot deplatform you for wrongthink, holding subversive political views, being a sex worker, or legally selling cannabis. Ours is the biggest possible tent. Don’t be distracted by the online discourse. Bitcoin is utterly indifferent to the political views of its users.” – Nic Carter

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The Rise of the Individual

“Not since the gunpowder revolution were ordinary men & women able to stand up to those who chose to oppress or rule them unjustly. Only this time, it can be done in a non-violent method, whereby one can peacefully opt out” – Aleks Svetski

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Bitcoin, The Technology of Dissent

“We, Bitcoiners, are all dissidents in the Old World of trusted third parties. […] Laws of nature that are higher than man-made laws, being enforced by mathematics, have begun to reorganize a society.” – Nozomi Hayase

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Pseu, Guy, & the Future of Bitcoin

Pseu and I go down the rabbit hole of Bitcoin’s future and what the road there may look
like in this episode of his show, “A Boy Named Pseu.” If you haven’t checked out his podcast yet, it’s a great one to explore on the principles of liberty and deep dives into all sort of conversations around Bitcoin. It’s definitely one not to miss!

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