Category: Liberty

The Information Theory of Money

“Prices are the coordinating force of a free market system. Each individual decision-maker can rely on the prices of goods and services to help with their decision making, as the prices themselves are a distillation of all known market information into a single metric.” – Dan Held

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The Cat is Out of the Bag

“Unlike Paypal, Venmo, or traditional payment processors, it cannot deplatform you for wrongthink, holding subversive political views, being a sex worker, or legally selling cannabis. Ours is the biggest possible tent. Don’t be distracted by the online discourse. Bitcoin is utterly indifferent to the political views of its users.” – Nic Carter

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The Rise of the Individual

“Not since the gunpowder revolution were ordinary men & women able to stand up to those who chose to oppress or rule them unjustly. Only this time, it can be done in a non-violent method, whereby one can peacefully opt out” – Aleks Svetski

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Bitcoin, The Technology of Dissent

“We, Bitcoiners, are all dissidents in the Old World of trusted third parties. […] Laws of nature that are higher than man-made laws, being enforced by mathematics, have begun to reorganize a society.” – Nozomi Hayase

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