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Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption is a Necessity

… And one of the greatest natural subsidies for renewable energy we could’ve asked for.

Today we hit a piece by Daniel Wingen. A thorough breakdown of the essence of mining, the necessity of its energy expenditure, the incentives for efficiency and renewable sources, and the unbelievable cost that is being rescued from wasteful alternatives. Not only is Bitcoin’s energy consumption not a problem, it could be exactly what we need for a brighter future.

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Bitcoin Does Not Waste Energy

“There is no more important long-term use of energy than securing the bitcoin network.”  -Parker Lewis

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Bitcoin & an Energy Revolution, A panel at the VOB Conf

We have got a great chat that I have been unable to share until now! What is the present and future of Bitcoin mining and the consumption of energy. Is it a terrible reality that could have huge secondary negative effects, or could it ignite an energy revolution? Join Myself, Christian Stoll, Tone Vays , Christopher Bendikson , Jesse Peltan , and Philipp Sandner for an excellent chat!

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