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Bitcoin Fixes This

A spiraling tower of debts to pay for our previous debts. Central Banks repeating the same policies that caused our problems as their solutions. The confiscation through counterfeit of Trillions in economic production. Massive distortions of the price mechanism & monetary authorities who argue over not whether they should, but by how much they will debase our hard earned money. Bitcoin Fixes This!

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Discovering Bitcoin Part 5 – Digital Scarcity

Continuing the excellent series of Discovering Bitcoin, moving into the digital age, we have lost the most fundamental element of our money, it’s “hardness.” By what means can we get it back? Can we make a scarce money in the digital world, that has no authority, no ruler? Can we restore the freedom of decentralized money? Find out about the brilliant use of difficult puzzles, to achieve digital hardness, in part #5 of Giacomo’s excellent series, “Digital Scarcity.”

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