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All the Bullish Cases for Bitcoin

Want to hear all of the bullish cases for Bitcoin? Protection for pensions, the fiscal cliff we are speeding toward, capital movement for the wealthy, a safe haven for corporate treasuries, a dominant millennial investment vehicle, & so much more. Bitcoin has so many feedback mechanisms to increase its value, to make it a globally significant asset for every demographic, & potentially to fulfill the role as a new global reserve. All while having a perfectly inelastic supply. The only thing that can adjust, is the price.

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A Symphony of Positivity

“It takes two nudges to convert a nocoiner. The vast majority of people got their very first nudge in 2017. These people are now primed for that second nudge, which is coming in roaring.” – Eric Wall

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7 Misconceptions About Bitcoin

“Bitcoin is more easily verifiable than gold, in terms of being a reserve asset and being used as collateral. It’s more frictionless to transfer than gold, and has a hard-capped supply. And I like gold too; I’ve been long it since 2018, and still am.” – Lyn Alden

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