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Reads of timely and timeless Bitcoin articles, papers, books, and everything else with value to add to the bitcoin canon. Plus chats with the greatest minds in the space, breaking down the basics, destroying the FUD, enlightening the economics, and telling the story of bitcoin and liberty. With Guy’s Takes to wrap it all in a nice bow and send it home. No rock is left unturned in the Bitcoin Audible catalog.


"We're basically at a fork in the road. I think that there's a good chance we go the wrong way and you end up with a situation like China. We need to build these tools that serve Liberty and not tyranny. And we need...

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Ai_023 – The Promise of Personal AI

How close are we to realizing the dream of personal AI? Dive into the potential of small, efficient AI models that enhance our self-awareness and improve our lives without compromising our privacy. Could these advancements lead us to a future where we not only...

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Ai_022 – Applying Ai

How can AI be harnessed to manage and enhance personal and professional digital interactions more effectively? In this episode of "AI Unchained," explore the essential tools and concepts needed to apply AI in self-hosted environments, navigate the intricacies of vector embeddings, and integrate AI...

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Ai_021 – Ai Hardware & the Next Wave

In today's episode of AI Unchained we dive into a plethora of new developments in Ai tailored hardware, the scope of what leaps in performance and capacity we may see in the next year, what it means for open source, how to access your...

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Ai Read_006 – How (Actually) Open AI Wins

"As I see it, humanity is at a turning point where we must either embrace a small handful of totalitarian super intelligences or move AI to the edge, allowing a wide diversity of machine intelligences to flourish in cooperation with an equally diverse set...

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#20 – Instability Ai & Commoditized Intelligence

Today we delve into the leadership upheaval at Stability AI, Apple finally putting their cards on the table, the breadth of tools available for image and video generation, more ways to use LLMs to build micro apps, the release of numerous new models, and...

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“Fiat is a system, Neo.
And that system is our enemy.
You look around and what do you see? Businessman, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. All thinking that they earn for themselves. Believing the money they use is a tool of trade, not of control…”


Bitcoin Audible, Shitcoin Insider, Ai Unchained, and The Pear Report are all hosted and created by Guy Swann. Guy has been neck deep in Bitcoin since 2011 and has made it his mission to explore the technologies of freedom as he believes we are at the cusp of another technological revolution to decentralization and digital sovereignty. Filmmaker, entrepreneur, story teller, technical explorer,,, and the Guy who has read more about Bitcoin than anyone else you know.

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