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If you were looking for a place to begin your journey into Bitcoin, you found it. Guy Swann brings you the absolute best works and analysis explaining what it is, why it works, the technology behind it, the design trade offs, the history, the philosophy and everything else you could ask for in this foundational show in the Bitcoin world.


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Reads of timely and timeless Bitcoin articles, papers, books, and everything else with value to add to the bitcoin canon. Plus chats with the greatest minds in the space, breaking down the basics, destroying the FUD, enlightening the economics, and telling the story of bitcoin and liberty. With Guy’s Takes to wrap it all in a nice bow and send it home. No rock is left unturned in the Bitcoin Audible catalog.

Read_811 – Speaking Freely

"You have to decide how to move forward. You have to decide what game you want to play; how much responsibility you are willing to shoulder. Do you want to stay stuck in the machine? A machine that uses and abuses you? A machine that feeds...

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Chat_095 – The Fall of the Fiat Empires with Preston Pysh

Guy Swann and Preston Pysh explore the dramatic shifts in global finance and the pivotal role of Bitcoin amidst rising inflation and the banking sector's vulnerabilities. They discuss how Bitcoin's growing influence could recalibrate financial power dynamics, offering a stark contrast to traditional economic...

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Guy’s Take_082 – Fiat Replacement Theory

Fiat money has a collection of malincentives and consequences for the degrading and rotting of society. As we covered in the first part of this series, it leads to mindless consumerism and a more materialist culture. As we continue, I want to cover something...

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Read_810 – Censorship in America

"The mechanisms enforcing this modern censorship are not confined to private sectors or individual platforms but are significantly directed and influenced by the U.S. government itself. This intertwining of state powers with censorship activities marks a troubling departure from traditional American values, where free...

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Ai Read_005 – Here Lies the Internet, Murdered By Generative Ai

"All around the nation there are toddlers plunked down in front of iPads being subjected to synthetic runoff, deprived of human contact _even in the media they consume. There’s no other word but dystopian." ~ Mike Hoel What happens when the internet is so overrun...

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Chat_094 – Pessimism, Optimism, & Rationally Passionate Ranting with Clint Russell

"As far as I'm concerned, there's no obvious increased danger from the CCP having control over our access or our information or even modifying the algorithm, than it is the alphabets of the world or the METAs of the world or the CIA or...

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“Fiat is a system, Neo.
And that system is our enemy.
You look around and what do you see? Businessman, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. All thinking that they earn for themselves. Believing the money they use is a tool of trade, not of control…”


Bitcoin Audible, Shitcoin Insider, Ai Unchained, and The Pear Report are all hosted and created by Guy Swann. Guy has been neck deep in Bitcoin since 2011 and has made it his mission to explore the technologies of freedom as he believes we are at the cusp of another technological revolution to decentralization and digital sovereignty. Filmmaker, entrepreneur, story teller, technical explorer,,, and the Guy who has read more about Bitcoin than anyone else you know.

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