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Reads of timely and timeless Bitcoin articles, papers, books, and everything else with value to add to the bitcoin canon. Plus chats with the greatest minds in the space, breaking down the basics, destroying the FUD, enlightening the economics, and telling the story of bitcoin and liberty. With Guy’s Takes to wrap it all in a nice bow and send it home. No rock is left unturned in the Bitcoin Audible catalog.

Read_808 – Bitcoin is Worse than a Ponzi, It’s An Insurrection

"Bitcoin will probably crash again but it is neither a Ponzi scheme nor a bubble – it’s something far worse: It is an inherently secure, tightly-controlled asset with a regulated supply, and is therefore a subversion to the whole basis of free-market financial capitalism."...

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Read_807 – A Measure of Sacrifice, Part 2

"Of all measurement instruments, the clock is the most valuable because so many of the things we sacrifice to create are not fungible. The massive clock towers of Europe, with their enormous loud and resonant bells, broadcasting time, fairly across the town and even...

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Read_806 – A Measure of Sacrifice, Part 1

"From an engineering perspective the mechanical clock with its novelty, the escapement, was by far the more important invention. In terms of its impact on contemporary temporal relationships, the mechanical clock and sandglass were of similar importance. The main innovations were the restructurings of...

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Guy’s Take_081 – Fiat Materialism

I'm sure you have heard the claim that without inflation and the good people running the counterfeit machine, people would never spend money and it would cause an economic crisis. But have you ever seriously considered what the consequences of encouraging consumption and materialist...

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Read_805 – Dear Crypto & Fiat Bros

"Whether you're a rekt crypto bro or a friend of fiat, there is one thing that is especially difficult to accept. The one thing that sets Bitcoin apart: it all works without anyone in charge." ~ Gigi The crypto and fiat bros of the...

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Read_804 – The Past, Present, & Future of Offline Payments

"It might feel as if the promised future is perpetually out of reach, but building Lightning is a lot like climbing a mountain. Climbers never really see the summit until they’re standing on top of it. They often can’t even see over the next...

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“Fiat is a system, Neo.
And that system is our enemy.
You look around and what do you see? Businessman, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. All thinking that they earn for themselves. Believing the money they use is a tool of trade, not of control…”


Bitcoin Audible, Shitcoin Insider, Ai Unchained, and The Pear Report are all hosted and created by Guy Swann. Guy has been neck deep in Bitcoin since 2011 and has made it his mission to explore the technologies of freedom as he believes we are at the cusp of another technological revolution to decentralization and digital sovereignty. Filmmaker, entrepreneur, story teller, technical explorer,,, and the Guy who has read more about Bitcoin than anyone else you know.

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