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Read_811 – Speaking Freely

"You have to decide how to move forward. You have to decide what game you want to play; how...

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Chat_095 – The Fall of the Fiat Empires with Preston Pysh

Guy Swann and Preston Pysh explore the dramatic shifts in global finance and the pivotal role of Bitcoin amidst...

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Guy’s Take_082 – Fiat Replacement Theory

Fiat money has a collection of malincentives and consequences for the degrading and rotting of society. As we covered...

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Read_810 – Censorship in America

"The mechanisms enforcing this modern censorship are not confined to private sectors or individual platforms but are significantly directed...

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Chat_094 – Pessimism, Optimism, & Rationally Passionate Ranting with Clint Russell

Read_809 – Bitter Opposition to Bitcoin

"In a system that depends on irresponsible government spending (especially for perpetual war) and fiat printing to cover that...

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Read_808 – Bitcoin is Worse than a Ponzi, It’s An Insurrection

"Bitcoin will probably crash again but it is neither a Ponzi scheme nor a bubble – it’s something far...

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Read_807 – A Measure of Sacrifice, Part 2

"Of all measurement instruments, the clock is the most valuable because so many of the things we sacrifice to...

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