Roy Sheinfeld

Getting Lightning Ready for Global Takeover

Breez wallet makes some major announcements today with their first release candidate of the wallet into the wild. Bringing the dream of a fully non-custodial, user-friendly, super easy to use Lightning wallet for anyone coming into Bitcoin. So many new features to go over in this one and talking about the future of lightning and how we can close the UX hurdle. This is not to be missed. Follow Roy Sheinfeld and Breez on Twitter so you dont miss future announcements!

Lightning Service Providers

With another great piece from the Breez-Tech CEO we read and explore the fascinating concept of the Lightning Service Providers. What is their role? How will the market develop? Doesn't this mean Lightning is centralized? All this and so much more in a great piece from Roy Sheinfeld.

Lightning at the End of the Tunnel

This is an episode not to be missed. With a beta project focused entirely on the user experience, the @Breez_tech wallet is making a huge leap in the UX of Lightning that I thought was still months or even a year away. Very excited to discuss it and read an excellent article about all the challenges in the Bitcoin/Lightning user experience, and how they will be overcome