Nik Bhatia

Bitcoin is a Human Right

Finishing this week out with a short but wonderful introductory article by Nik Bhatia. Bitcoin is a money, a game, a land grab, works like email, and ultimately, Bitcoin is a human right. My discussion afterward may have gotten a little out of hand with a 40 minute follow-up to a 5 minute article. But when a good article sparks great ideas, sometimes its just hard to stop. ;)

Lightning, Why I Quit the Bond Market for Bitcoin

Another of the many great pieces from Nik Bhatia getting into the impact and scope of the system that the Lightning Network could become. Bitcoin is neither just a store of value, nor just a medium of exchange, it's both. The LNP/BP protocol stack is taking us into the future, hear all about it in today's read from Nik Bhatia, now part of the OpenNode team, titled "The Lightning Network: Why I Quit the Bond Market for Bitcoin"

The Triumvirate of Liquidity

Today, Nik Bhatia takes us through a compressed history of the Dollar, US Treasuries, and how we found ourselves in the current global financial mess. What are the safe-haven assets of the future, what will happen to the demand during these uncertain times, & what will be Bitcoin’s role?

The Bitcoin Risk Spectrum

"Bitcoin staked to Lightning is the most unique income producing asset in all of monetary history: income with zero counterparty risk. The historical implications of this on capital markets are tremendous." - Nik Bhatia