Nic Carter

Noahbjectivity on Bitcoin Mining

"...And we’re just considering two sources of nonrival energy: clean energy curtailment in China, and vented/flared gas in the U.S. There are many other sources of stranded and nonrival energy sources globally. Suffice to say, there’s enough nonrival energy out there to run Bitcoin many times over. It’s just a matter of deploying hashrate in the right locations, which miners are doing — aggressively." - Nic Carter

Bitcoin at 12

"I believe Bitcoiners have this in common. They recognize that they have undertaken a near-hopeless task. Creating a global, neutral, apolitical settlement medium and standard of value will not happen overnight. We have barely begun the project." - Nic Carter

The Cat is Out of the Bag

"Unlike Paypal, Venmo, or traditional payment processors, it cannot deplatform you for wrongthink, holding subversive political views, being a sex worker, or legally selling cannabis. Ours is the biggest possible tent. Don’t be distracted by the online discourse. Bitcoin is utterly indifferent to the political views of its users." - Nic Carter

Unpacking Bitcoin’s Assurances

We make claims about Bitcoin's assurances all the time.  It is censorship resistant, it's open and permissionless, it's counterfeit proof, etc.  But are these things entirely true? When someone wants to acquire, use, or validate Bitcoin, how well do the claims match reality?

Transaction Count is an Inferior Measure

To think of the value of a global, jurisdiction-less, "money-for-enemies" network as nothing more than the result of how many transactions it can do on the base layer, is to miss the point entirely. The difference between the payments systems and settlement systems of the world, their degree of assurances, and the desirable characteristics of their operation are often diametrically opposed.

A Most Peaceful Revolution

Today we read a veritable Bitcoin Manifesto on a fundamental truth of Bitcoin's nature, the challenge it poses to the state, the atrocities it seeks to dismantle, the hubris of alternatives, its promethean origins, the values it codifies, the role its already playing, and its patient unstoppable advancement.

Visions of Bitcoin

Many different and often conflicting ideas of what Bitcoin is, and what it's future should be, have emerged throughout the years. Here @nic_carter's and @hasufl's exploration of past, present, and future narratives that molded Bitcoin into what it is today.