The Words we Use in Bitcoin [DerGigi]

"In a world awash in euphemisms and blatant lies, calling something by its proper name is rebellious in itself. Bitcoin is about freedom and self-sovereignty, not about asking for permission. It is about independence and verifiable truth; extreme ownership and responsibility; hope and human rights. The best way to fight bad ideas and bad terminology is with good ideas and good terminology. Thus, we should all make an effort to call things by their proper names, try to understand their inner workings, and explain them in simple terms to others." - DerGigi

Bitcoin is Time

“This problem is precisely why all previous attempts of digital cash required a central­ized registry. You always had to trust someone to correctly identify the order of things. A central­ized party was required to keep the time. Bitcoin solves this problem by re-inventing time itself. It says no to seconds and yes to blocks.”- DerGigi

True Names Not Required

"We need to be able to disassociate from our identities to protect ourselves. We need the freedom to selectively reveal ourselves. We need the possibility to rally behind names, symbols, masks, and the ideas they represent — using transient identities and wearing masks ourselves if we have to. If identities are permanent and transparent, rebellion and revolution are impossible." - Gigi

Bitcoin’s Eternal Struggle

Today we read Gigi's great piece "Bitcoin's Eternal Struggle" on the intricate dance between that which is built in randomness & entropy, and that which is created with complete unambiguity, with strict universal validation.

Proof of Life

"Ralph Merkle... made the argument that Bitcoin is the first example of a new form of life. In this article series, I intend to take this claim seriously, explore it further, and see what can be gleaned from viewing Bitcoin as a living organism."

Bitcoin’s Gravity

A great piece just full of fun analogies on how to imagine the force of nature that is #Bitcoin. Don't miss our first piece by @dergigi on the show today, exploring Bitcoin as a force of ideological gravity, and how the network codifies a concept into an explicit set of rules to define the game we play. Today's read, Bitcoin's Gravity!