Parker Lewis

Bitcoin is One for All – Part 2

"The same is not true of the current monetary system. In the current structure, dollars can either be earned by delivering value to others within the economy, or conversely, if the Fed decides to hand out more money. And this happens quite frequently. Of all the dollars that exist today, over 80% have been created and allocated by the Fed since 2008" - Parker Lewis

Bitcoin is One for All – Part 1

"By manipulating price levels, the Fed isn’t just preventing smaller intermittent fires from naturally running their course while creating larger fires down the road. Instead, think of the Fed’s actions as the arsonist that lights a fire, leaves through the back door in the middle of the night, and then is celebrated as the hero when it arrives through the front door to fight the fire with gasoline." - Parker Lewis

Bitcoin is Common Sense

"It is axiomatic that printing money (or creating digital dollars) does nothing to generate economic activity; it only shifts the balance of powers as to who allocates the money and prices risk. It strips power from the people and centralizes it to the government."  - Parker Lewis

Bitcoin is a Rally Cry

"It was a plea to all those that valued the fight for liberty and freedom. Outnumbered ten-to-one, Travis responded to a demand for surrender with a cannon shot." - Parker Lewis

Bitcoin is Not a Pyramid Scheme

"Not everyone understands what a pyramid scheme actually is, what the warning signs may be, or why such schemes always fail [...] The distinctions should be glaringly obvious, but because bitcoin is complex and the very idea of money is not well understood, it can easily be confused." - Parker Lewis

Bitcoin is Not Backed by Nothing

"To provide broader context, the Federal Reserve, the Bank of Japan and the European Central bank have collectively created $10 trillion dollars-worth of new money since the financial crisis, the equivalent of approximately $500,000 per bitcoin. Despite dollars, euro, yen and bitcoin all being digital, bitcoin is the only medium that is tangibly scarce and the only one with inherent monetary properties."  - Parker Lewis

Bitcoin, Not Blockchain

There is nothing about blockchain that makes it inherently immutable. Immutability emerges over time as the consequence of economic incentives and a native monetary unit that secures those incentives. It is hard won in the battle of monetary competition, something that cannot be copied or challenged with frivolous features, or arbitrary "utility."

Bitcoin Fixes This

A spiraling tower of debts to pay for our previous debts. Central Banks repeating the same policies that caused our problems as their solutions. The confiscation through counterfeit of Trillions in economic production. Massive distortions of the price mechanism & monetary authorities who argue over not whether they should, but by how much they will debase our hard earned money. Bitcoin Fixes This!

Bitcoin is Not Too Slow

The 5th installment of the always fascinating "Gradually, then Suddenly" series from Parker Lewis and Unchained Capital. What is the real problem that Bitcoin solves, and how does it compare to the alternatives? Are mass payments an impossible problem, and isn't Bitcoin too slow to be global money?

Bitcoin Does Not Waste Energy

"There is no more important long-term use of energy than securing the bitcoin network."  -Parker Lewis

Bitcoin is Not Too Volatile

To think that a hard monetary asset, with a perfectly inelastic supply, could go from a $0 market with no infrastructure, liquidity, or demand, to a global monetary instrument with vast infrastructure, the highest market liquidity, demanded by billions, but that this could somehow occur *without* volatility in the price, is an absurd & deeply ignorant claim.