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Bitcoin, Fungibility, & Limits of Privacy

“Keeping the Bitcoin network private can be thought of as an act of unity by Bitcoiners in America to help keep the network useful for Bitcoiners in Venezuela and Hong Kong — indeed, around the world.” – Sasha Hodder & Rafael Yakobi

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Bitcoin, The Technology of Dissent

“We, Bitcoiners, are all dissidents in the Old World of trusted third parties. […] Laws of nature that are higher than man-made laws, being enforced by mathematics, have begun to reorganize a society.” – Nozomi Hayase

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Microsoft’s ION Bets on Bitcoin

Microsoft has a history of funding and developing with open source systems, and has started a new project called ION, trying to make a universal, decentralized system secured by Bitcoin, for managing and proving identities available to the globe.

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