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Does Bitcoin Need Accounts?

Another clever & censorship resistant system for identity within the Bitcoin system is being proposed. Called developer Jose Femenias Canuelo has created a system to safely & independently create a static on-chain account system, that would solve the need both of having to reuse Bitcoin addresses, & having to constantly generate new ones for every payment.

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Taproot is Coming

>One of the many amazing technologies coming to Bitcoin, Taproot is one of the most promising improvements to the privacy, efficiency, & capabilities of the Bitcoin system. Another excellent article breaking it all down by Aaron Van Wirdum. Published at BitcoinMagazine.com, today we read & discuss:

“Taproot Is Coming: What It Is, and How It Will Benefit Bitcoin”

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Simplifying Lightning, The “Noinput Class”

Today we take a dive into the future of Lightning and one of the amazing developments to make it simpler and more reliable, the new sighash flags referred to as the “Noinput Class.” Who better to take us through it than Aaron Van Wirdum & Bitcoin Magazine?

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