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The Halving is Not Priced in, Here’s Why

As a follow up to Nic Carter’s and PlanB’s articles on how the markets are pricing Bitcoin’s supply and known halvings, I go through the reasons I feel the market both is very unwilling and unconfident about the consequences of the halving. It is less “known information,” and more a blind gamble.

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Money, Networks, Blockchains, & Bitcoin

The much deserved Guy’s Take episode as a dedicated follow-up to the amazing work of “The Bitcoin Time Vol 1.” There just wasn’t enough time to do it justice during the read, so today I give my take on the plethora of ideas conveyed in Alek Svetski’s awesome work!

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How Bitcoin Could Bring Down the State

Inflation, or manipulation of the money supply to the benefit of the politically well connected, is quite possibly the most pervasive frauds of modern society.  It creates multiple layers of compounded resource misallocation, it benefits the debtors and manipulators at the expense of savers, it puts a constant downward pressure on living standards, and it enables more unchecked corruption and abuse of power than any other aspect of our political systems.

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Libra Doesn’t Compete with Bitcoin, But it Might Kill Ripple

All the buzz is about FacebookCoin, I mean FacePalmCoin, I mean Libra today with the release of the testnet and giving much sought after details on the new protocol and what they seek to accomplish with it.  The big question, can it do any of what it says, and what other projects does it compete with really?  We read numerous twitter posts, including a great thread by Caitlin Long, tweets from Andreas, details sourced by Jameson Lopp, and more in today’s Guy’s Take episode.

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The Bcash 51% Attack

In a crazy conversation from last night’s meet-up, I learned of discussion of a purposeful re-org, a 51% attack, on the #BCH chain by 2 miners. After a few hours scrambling to pull details together this morning, this is what I’ve discovered so far. Don’t miss this Guy’s Take episode all about the #Bcash 51% attack!

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A Story About Booms & Busts

Today I wanted to cover an analogy I have hit in the past to explain what’s happening in the boom/bust cycle. One that sheds light on the fact that the imbalance is a fundamental element of the fractional reserve system, rather than an unexplainable flaw of humanity shrugged away by “animal spirits.”

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