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The Canary in the Coal Mine

There’s been a bit of Bad News. The canary doesn’t seem to be moving, and its time that we take our situation seriously. As Bitcoin becomes both more mature and finds its way back into a bull market, we can also expect a sharp increase in regulatory and governmental attention. The powers that be, the surveillance state, and the control that the financial institutions have acquired will not be lost without a fight.

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Rights, Incentives & the Bitcoin System

What are rights and can Bitcoin enable us to make better sense of them?

It is very common to hear that education is a “right,” that healthcare, a fair salary, etc are all “rights” that we can demand of others and are entitled to. Can this be the case? How do they conflict with the more basic rights of the control over our own lives, our right to choose, and the rights to our bodies? Can we simply declare that the things we want or need are rights and this means we can have as much of it as we would like?

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The Halving is Not Priced in, Here’s Why

As a follow up to Nic Carter’s and PlanB’s articles on how the markets are pricing Bitcoin’s supply and known halvings, I go through the reasons I feel the market both is very unwilling and unconfident about the consequences of the halving. It is less “known information,” and more a blind gamble.

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Money, Networks, Blockchains, & Bitcoin

The much deserved Guy’s Take episode as a dedicated follow-up to the amazing work of “The Bitcoin Time Vol 1.” There just wasn’t enough time to do it justice during the read, so today I give my take on the plethora of ideas conveyed in Alek Svetski’s awesome work!

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How Bitcoin Could Bring Down the State

Inflation, or manipulation of the money supply to the benefit of the politically well connected, is quite possibly the most pervasive frauds of modern society.  It creates multiple layers of compounded resource misallocation, it benefits the debtors and manipulators at the expense of savers, it puts a constant downward pressure on living standards, and it enables more unchecked corruption and abuse of power than any other aspect of our political systems.

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