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Addressing Security Concerns with the Casa Node

Recently, a bit of Twitter drama has arisen from a post that started with @JWWeatherman’s disclosure of a perceived critical bug in the Casa Node device. Today, to start off a discussion of home network security, what self-signed certificates do/don’t guarantee, and the general trade-offs between security and usability, we read @CasaHODL’s blog post responding to JW’s concerns, and then we get Guy’s take on this as a Casa Node user.

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️Who Secures Bitcoin?

Is it the miners? The developers? The nodes? Who really defines Bitcoin, who establishes the rules that make it immutable, secures it against unwanted change, and determines the protocol that distinguish a random integer, from a true Bitcoin integer?

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The Rise of SIM Swapping

“For the better part of the last decade, the combination of these two practices has given rise to an increasing number of SIM swap attacks ending in the theft of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.” – David Hollerith

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Bitcoin & The Layers of Financial Cryptography

A follow-up to yesterday’s incredible read from The Nakamoto Institute by Ian Grigg, The 7 Layers of Financial Cryptography. Today we dig into what the reality of financial cryptographic systems as they have been developed & secured through Bitcoin.  What philosophy and mentality informed it all, and where did it differ from Ian’s vision, and where was he able to see what would come about?

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The Lightning Paradox

“The Jevons paradox is a staple of environmental economics used to describe how the introduction of more efficient technologies tends to increase the consumption of resources rather than decrease it.” – Alex B.

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