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Blockchain is Dead

“When people get up and begin to talk to me about how they’re going to use the blockchain to solve supply chain, or whatever other (mostly ridiculous) idea they have, it reminds of someone who just discovered that limestone aggregate in concrete makes for better strength and better overall properties in concrete; so they then apply it to everything else:
• They put some limestone in their green smoothie
• On their avocado and toast
• In their latte
• As a back rub on their partner’s skin
• And even as fuel in their car”

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Bitcoin, Not Blockchain

There is nothing about blockchain that makes it inherently immutable. Immutability emerges over time as the consequence of economic incentives and a native monetary unit that secures those incentives. It is hard won in the battle of monetary competition, something that cannot be copied or challenged with frivolous features, or arbitrary “utility.”

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Does Bitcoin Need Accounts?

Another clever & censorship resistant system for identity within the Bitcoin system is being proposed. Called developer Jose Femenias Canuelo has created a system to safely & independently create a static on-chain account system, that would solve the need both of having to reuse Bitcoin addresses, & having to constantly generate new ones for every payment.

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The Blockchain is Exhaust

Is the blockchain a critical tool that creates the power behind Bitcoin, or is it a wasteful and unavoidable byproduct, an exhaust, of the system that secures the most sound money in the world?

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