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Weiss Crypto Ratings

How could the Weiss Cryptocurrency ratings get it so wrong? Our flagship Quick read from @Bitcoinmagazine!Check out the article at as well as Kyle Torpey’s other great...

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Libra Doesn’t Compete with Bitcoin, But it Might Kill Ripple

All the buzz is about FacebookCoin, I mean FacePalmCoin, I mean Libra today with the release of the testnet and giving much sought after details on the new protocol and what they seek to accomplish with it.  The big question, can it do any of what it says, and what other projects does it compete with really?  We read numerous twitter posts, including a great thread by Caitlin Long, tweets from Andreas, details sourced by Jameson Lopp, and more in today’s Guy’s Take episode.

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How Many Wrongs Make a Wright – Part 1

Did you hear about the guy who tried for years to convince the world he was Satoshi?

If you ever wanted to explore the evidence against Craig Wright’s dubious claims but simply didn’t have the time to sit down and read it, this is the QuikRead for you.

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