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A Bitcoin Roadmap 2020 & Beyond

Closing out an extraordinary year in 2019 has us looking forward at 2020 & Beyond. What will we bring to Bitcoin, and what could Bitcoin bring to us? Today we read an amazing thread by John Newbery on the exceptional list of tools and technologies making their debut on the Bitcoin and Lightning protocol stack that will change everything about how we interact with and use this incredible technology.

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Reboot – The Three Economic Eras of Bitcoin

A most profound aspect of Bitcoin is that we know, with certainty, what the monetary policy will be no matter how far we look into the future. If we choose to secure sound money for the world, then we have to establish the important markets, build the tools and protocols, and most importantly make the tough decisions now, instead of kicking the can down the road.

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Bitcoin’s Eternal Struggle

Today we read Gigi’s great piece “Bitcoin’s Eternal Struggle” on the intricate dance between that which is built in randomness & entropy, and that which is created with complete unambiguity, with strict universal validation.

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The Halving is Not Priced in, Here’s Why

As a follow up to Nic Carter’s and PlanB’s articles on how the markets are pricing Bitcoin’s supply and known halvings, I go through the reasons I feel the market both is very unwilling and unconfident about the consequences of the halving. It is less “known information,” and more a blind gamble.

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The Kindest Cut; Why The 2020 Bitcoin Halving…

“What’s noteworthy about this point is that, upon this particular halving, Bitcoin “inflating” at a roughly 1.8 percent rate annually will nominally — and by then, quite possibly in real terms — be “inflating” at a rate lower than both the Federal Reserve target of 2 percent per year and current, CPI-based estimates of real U.S. inflation of 1.9 percent annually.” – Peter C Earle

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