Category: Privacy

True Names Not Required

“We need to be able to disassociate from our identities to protect ourselves. We need the freedom to selectively reveal ourselves. We need the possibility to rally behind names, symbols, masks, and the ideas they represent — using transient identities and wearing masks ourselves if we have to. If identities are permanent and transparent, rebellion and revolution are impossible.” – Gigi

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Dont be Misled by Red Herrings – Treatise on Bitcoin & Privacy Part 2

“It is the digital equivalent of your physical bank sending private investigators to follow your every move for days after you withdraw cash at the ATM, and then freezing or confiscating your bank account entirely if that PI comes back with a report that says that “you may have,” with some probability, engaged in controversial actions with that cash.”  – Giacomo Zucco

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Bitcoin, Fungibility, & Limits of Privacy

“Keeping the Bitcoin network private can be thought of as an act of unity by Bitcoiners in America to help keep the network useful for Bitcoiners in Venezuela and Hong Kong — indeed, around the world.” – Sasha Hodder & Rafael Yakobi

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