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But Lightning Enables…

Finishing up our Lightning week on the show, I’ve got a Guy’s Take on all the different applications I think are viable here in the early days of Lightning, and also what decentralized projects may make sense on Lightning, but are pointless as “utility tokens.”

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Bitcoin Astronomy – Part 1

Equal parts entertaining & intellectually intriguing, we start with Part 1 of Dhruv Bansal’s wonderful piece, “Bitcoin Astronomy!”  The interplanetary center of hash, the Law of Hash Horizons, the Muskcoin Revolution, retaliation of the Bitcoin Empire, and the total economic devastation of the Hash Bomb!  How could you not want to know more?

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Bitcoin Astronomy – Part 2

Continuing the wonderfully fascinating piece from yesterday’s episode, all about the dynamics & game theory at play in a hash war between Mars’ Muskcoin, and Earth’s Bitcoin; as well as the gold rush to colonize the galaxy and establish a new blockchain (or timechain), outside the pull of Earth’s center of hash.

Reading Part 2 of Dhruv Bansal’s “Bitcoin Astronomy”

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Addressing Security Concerns with the Casa Node

Recently, a bit of Twitter drama has arisen from a post that started with @JWWeatherman’s disclosure of a perceived critical bug in the Casa Node device. Today, to start off a discussion of home network security, what self-signed certificates do/don’t guarantee, and the general trade-offs between security and usability, we read @CasaHODL’s blog post responding to JW’s concerns, and then we get Guy’s take on this as a Casa Node user.

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Taproot is Coming

>One of the many amazing technologies coming to Bitcoin, Taproot is one of the most promising improvements to the privacy, efficiency, & capabilities of the Bitcoin system. Another excellent article breaking it all down by Aaron Van Wirdum. Published at, today we read & discuss:

“Taproot Is Coming: What It Is, and How It Will Benefit Bitcoin”

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Does Bitcoin Need Accounts?

Another clever & censorship resistant system for identity within the Bitcoin system is being proposed. Called developer Jose Femenias Canuelo has created a system to safely & independently create a static on-chain account system, that would solve the need both of having to reuse Bitcoin addresses, & having to constantly generate new ones for every payment.

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Bitcoin’s Eternal Struggle

Today we read Gigi’s great piece “Bitcoin’s Eternal Struggle” on the intricate dance between that which is built in randomness & entropy, and that which is created with complete unambiguity, with strict universal validation.

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